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Free Look! Sample an Online Issue of Racing Greyhounds Magazine!

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March 1990 RG Sample Issue (PDF)

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Birmingham 12/01 Evening
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Tri-State 12/02 Evening
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet


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Here is your chance to get three issues of Racing Greyhounds Handicapping Magazine before they are gone for good. They were printed June, July, and August 1990.

Take a look at the valuable handicapping articles inside these issues: Greyhound Lock Picks, Eliminating Greyhounds, Expected Running Times, Playing Shippers, Maiden Opportunities, Looking for Your Keys, Pace Makes the Race, Taking Advantage of the Crowd, Position, Position, Position.

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Free Tip for Birmingham Greyhound Races

Good bet at Birmingham • Tuesday Evening • December 1, 2015, 6TH RACE 5/16 A: 2 Fly Danny Green - Best breaker, 4 Gold Goose Girl - Moves up some late, 6 Ww’s Royce - Fast after the break, 1 Flyin Tim Duncan - In against tougher

QUINIELA: Wheel 2 w 1-4-6, 4 w 1-2-6 ($12)
TRI: Whl 2-4 w 1-2-4-6 w 1-2-4-6-7-8 ($24)

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Winning Seven Days a Week

The Birmingham Race Course opens at 11 AM daily for simulcast wagering from tracks throughout North America. Click below to view their simulcasting schedule.


400% Profit on Quinellas Bet at Gulf on Friday

Spectacular money was made on quinellas bets using Stat Attack sheet at Gulf Greyhound on Friday, Oct 23, 2015. Using the top two variant adjusted time greyhounds in each race at Gulf on Friday, yielded three winning quinellas: race 3 $37.60; race 11 $48; and race 12 $56.60. Those three winning tickets totalled $142.20. That is over 400% return on $26 (13 races times $2) bet. OMG!!

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Kb's Like A Fox is One of the Best from Palm Beach

Palm Beach Kennel Club columnist, Palm Beach Jason ‏@JasonPalmBeach, says that Kb's Like A Fox is now one of the only greyhounds in Palm Beach history to get 70 career wins:


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