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March 1990 RG Sample Issue (PDF)

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Naples Ft. Myers 02/19 Matinee
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet

Sarasota 02/20 Matinee
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet


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Sunday was a Fun Day at the Track

Did you make some money playing the greyhounds on Sunday, Nov 20? Our RG Tip Sheet did really well on Sunday at Wheeling, Tri-State, Southland and Orange Park!! Bunches of first-place finishes and some big win payoffs!

1) Sunday afternoon we hit 5 races out of 17 on our RG Tip Sheet at Wheeling Island, and one of those was #7 Nola Nikole in the 12th race, paying $22 for the win!!


2) Also on Sunday afternoon we had eight winners on the Orange Park matinee. 8 out of 15 is pretty impressive, I think!


3) At Southland, we hit 5 of 18 races, with some of them being well above average size.


4) And we picked 7 out of 16 at Tri-State!


One of those was a $25 winner!!!!

All of our sheets from yesterday and posted on the right side of our web site for free. Grab them today while you can and take a look for yourself.

We post our Tip Sheets everyday for greyhound tracks around the country. You can purchase and download any of them for $2 each.

If you would like to find out how to get our RG Tip Sheets, call or email us and we'll get you started picking some winners at the greyhound park.