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Thousands in Profits Made In Two Days

One of our Racing Greyhounds Tip Sheet customers called in today to thank us and let us know how hot our sheet had been for him the last two days. He played the Orange Park Wednesday evening card, and the Palm Beach Thursday afternoon card, and took home several thousand dollars in profits! Needless to say this got me curious, so I took a closer look at those two Tip Sheets! It all started right away in the 1st race at Orange.

Our Tip Sheet saw the race as 2-1-6-8, and offered a trifecta part wheel 126/126/123678 and a Superfecta part wheel 12/126/1268/123678. Our friend was a very happy camper when the race finished 2-6-8-1. The win on top paid $13.00 and the quiniela came in at $45.80. But that was small beans compared to the main courses. That trifecta part wheel paid $1,010.60 and the superfecta was $1,662.70. Those two exotics combined came to $2,673.30!

Later in the 13th race on that same card, we offered a superfecta wager 13/136/1236/123456. That race finished 1-3-2-5 and the Tip Sheet scored another superfecta that paid $457.10! The trifecta wager on that race was also a winner, with a $137.20 payout.

Our customer's streak continued today when he played the Palm Beach card through his Internet wagering account. In the 10th race, we gave the picks as 3-8-2-6, and structured a trifecta part wheel, 38/2368/234568, and a superfecta part wheel, 3/28/268/ALL. The race finished 3-2-8-5, and the payoffs were excellent! The trifecta paid $330.00 and the superfecta came in at $1,458.20!

The Tip Sheet wasn't yet finished at Palm Beach, though! The very last race was the kind that gives you a truly fine racing memory! The 15th race was the final event of the card, and the Tip Sheet offered 3-1-2-5 for the rankings. Our trifecta wager on the Tip Sheet was 3/12/ALL and the superfecta wager we suggested was 3/12/125/ALL. When the dust had settled and the photo was examined, the #3 dog was a winner, with the 2, 1 and 8 coming in behind him. That #3 dog was the key to this race! Going to post at 8-1 odds, this longshot paid $18 to win! The trifecta payoff was $230, but the superfecta brought a smile here. That 3-2-1-8 finish created a superfecta payday of $2,044.20! How would you feel after cashing those two superfectas for $1,458 and $2,044, and doing it the day after cashing superfectas for $1,662 and $457?

Those four direct hits from our Tip Sheet came to a tidy sum of money. The total for those four races, trifecta plus superfecta, came in at $7,330! Don't let anybody tell you that Tip Sheets are for suckers! Thanks to all of you loyal folks who support our products. I hope you all can find some good plays at the races!

Gordon Waite

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