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March 1990 RG Sample Issue (PDF)

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Naples Ft. Myers 02/19 Matinee
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet

Sarasota 02/20 Matinee
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet


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About Racing Greyhounds

Hello, Handicappers!

Here at Racing Greyhounds we know that we share a passion with you--handicapping and wagering on greyhound races! We've been handicapping the greyhounds since 1985 as fans, and our excitement about the sport led to the founding of Racing Greyhounds magazine in 1988. From there our product line has evolved as greyhound racing has changed over the years.

Today, Racing Greyhounds offers many different products for the greyhound handicapper. Our Stat Attack and Stat Force sheets are unique tools to supply the information you need to make wagering choices. With these products we don't try to tell you what wagers to make. Instead we try to give you the widest variety of information, with everything designed to support and aid in your own handicapping and wagering. We've sold millions of these sheets over the last twenty years, both on-track and over the Internet.

For the less experienced player, and for players looking to confirm their own handicapping, we also offer daily Tipsheets for all of our tracks. These provide rankings for every race, along with a unique wagering feature that helps you select a betting style that is customized for each race, depending on how each race sets up.

You also may have seen our PicoTV shows between the races at your track or in their simulcast shows. These short television spots help you see which handicapping factors are important in each race, and give you quick measures of all the greyhounds. Our PicoTV package also provides post parade overlays, along with weight displays and other features.

In the past, we produced many software packages. For our faithful customers, we still offer the data files that those packages use for their handicapping needs. You'll still find StatView, PowerPak and RacePro files served on this Web site!

Over the years, we've tried to be innovative in the greyhound racing industry. Our flagship product, Racing Greyhounds, The Magazine of Greyhound Handicapping, was introduced in July of 1988 with myself (Gordon Waite) as editor and Renee Waite as publisher. Contributing writers from all around the country were featured in the monthly magazine. Renee and I were computer programmers in a former life, and had been introduced to the greyhound races at Dubuque Greyhound Park in Iowa.

In February 1989, Racing Greyhounds Electronic Services began offering software such as DogPak and TimeSim to racing fans via modem. Greyhound racing results were also added. This service was originally run on 1200-baud modems and dial-up telephone lines. This was, of course, well before the Internet became an everyday necessity.

The Greyhound Reporter, a free track news publication, was soon added to the mix. It was distributed at greyhound parks around the country. We also produced weekly track-specific publications.

Racing Greyhounds created the Stat Attack in 1990 and introduced it at Dairyland Greyhound Park in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Gordon appeared on the Dairyland Greyhound Park TV shows to talk about racing and to share handicapping tips from the Stat Attack with the viewers. The Stat Attack was our first big "monster hit" in racing. We sold over 1,000,000 copies in our first few years of publication!

Handicapping software has been a primary focus of our efforts since the beginning. Racing Greyhounds was the first to offer Monte Carlo simulation handicapping with the introduction of our TimeSim software. This was shortly followed up with our second "big hit" product, DogPak. Our DogPak software was the first package to combine handicapping techniques with a database to store and manipulate complete race setups and racing results. Our database has become a standard of sorts, and our original lines.txt and setups.txt data files are still widely used in many other software packages as a medium for exchanging greyhound racing information.

Racing Greyhounds was also a prime innovator with our Tipster software. This was the first handicapping software to allow you to "backtest" a handicapping method over time by using a racing results database.

In 1994, Racing Greyhounds produced our first handicapping video, Profitable Greyhound Handicapping, Volume I. The original was available on VHS tapes, and in 2008 the video was released again on DVD.

Pico Publishing also published the Weekly Greyhound Charts, which was acquired from the National Greyhound Association. This thick weekly newspaper carried every race result from every greyhound track in America.

With the dawn of the Internet, in 1995 Pico Publishing registered our domain name: www.greyhounds.com. The Web site was one of the very first in the greyhound industry, and offered greyhound racing data, news, and software. Later greyhound charts and the Stat Attack were added to the service.

Sadly, by the mid 90's, greyhound racing was a contracting industry, and this spelled the end of our printed publications. But with the rise of the Internet, it became possible to distribute digital information cheaply and quickly. While acceptance of the Internet was fairly slow in the late 90's, during the new century, broadband access became more the standard, allowing for the expansion of the Web site and Internet services.

And now in 2009, with broadband access in nearly 50% of American homes, we've begun a renewed expansion of our Web presence. We recently produced the long-awaited sequel video, Profitable Greyhound Handicapping, Volume II. And we're now taking big pieces of our historic printed material, and making it available today on the Internet. We have several years of scanned Racing Greyhounds magazines online for our premium subscribers, and we'll keep scanning until all of our magazines are available for your reading pleasure. We've also added hundreds of individual articles from those early years so you can follow your favorite writers, or find articles about specific handicapping ideas and interests.

And this doesn't mark the end of our innovation. We have new projects under development right now that we are sure will bring you a fresh perspective on greyhound racing. The Sport of Queens is still the most fun game around, and we're doing our best to make sure you can continue to enjoy the sport for a long time to come.

So thanks for reading along, and welcome to the new Racing Greyhounds!


Gordon and Renee Waite
Pico Publishing