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March 1990 RG Sample Issue (PDF)

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Naples Ft. Myers 02/19 Matinee
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Sarasota 02/20 Matinee
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet


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Master the Challenge of Handicapping Greyhounds

Racing Greyhounds has been a wealth of greyhound betting know-how since 1988. Hundreds of articles from experts across the country are available on-line at greyhounds.com. Here is a list of the articles by editor Gordon Waite. These articles by Gordon and all of the other writers are available on-line for Premium Members. You can get a 30-day trial membership for $10. Join today and see what you were missing!


Handicapping Articles by Gordon Waite, editor of Racing Greyhounds Magazine

The Break
Greyhound Weight:Who Says It's Not a Handicapping Factor?
Race Predictability:It's Not Just Random Luck!
Don't Be Misled by Statistics!
All About Quiniela Wagering
The Digital Dog:WPS.BAS
Betting on the Favorites:Studying the Break
Book Review:Greyhound Racing, McBride
Watching the Odds:What Happens When You Make a Bet

Handicapping the Tenth at Phoenix
Take the Twin Trifecta... Please!
Collision Insurance
Making the Grade
Trifecta Tickets
The Digital Dog:ENTRY for dBASE III
Book Review:Greyhound Handicapping, Weiss
Competitiveness:Speed Takes a Back Seat
Nine Good Reasons:Nine Dog Races at Waterloo
Don't Let Yourself Get Boxed In
Estimating Trifecta Payoffs
Book Review:Money Secrets at the Racetrack, Meadow
Psychoanalyze the Crowd
The Digital Dog:The Little Greyhound Analyst
Friday Night at the Races:Handicapping in the 21st Century
Superfecta Strategies
Post Position Preferences
Software Review:Topdog Greyhound Handicapping System
The Digital Dog:Trikey Bet Calculator
Weighing the Factors
Don't Be Misled by Statistics (Revisited)
Psychoanalyze the Crowd, Part II
The Digital Dog:Hounds Shareware
The Digital Dog:Monte Carlo Simulation, Breaker
Secrets Surrounding the Favorites
The Handicapper's Computer
The Digital Dog:BETS Calculates Wager Costs
Using RG's Electronic Services
I Wonder What That Would Look Like
Weighing the Factors:Part 2
The Digital Dog:WAGERS Records Your Bets
Weighing the Factors:Part 3
The Digital Dog:GNS, Greyhound Notation System
Tip Sheets!
Coast to Coast
1989 Greyhound Race of Champions
The Digital Dog:MINICAP, A Mini Spreadsheet
The Digital Dog:TIMESIM, Monte Carlo Simulation
Sizing Up Software:Four Commercial Programs
Weighing the Factors:Part 4, Track Variants
The Digital Dog:VARIANT Helps You Adjust Times
The Take Out Blues
The Digital Dog:SHIPPERS
Weighing the Factors:Part 5, Making the Grades
Trifecta Mysteries Explained
Sizing Up New Handicapping Software
Odds Versus Winning Percentage
Software Review:Getting on the Fastrack
1980:The Fantasy Greyhound Race of the Decade
Handicapping the $150,000 Sunflower Stake
1990 Greyhound Race of Champions
The Performance Envelope
How to Judge a Greyhound by His Running Style

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