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Greyhound Handicapping at Palm Beach on Sunday

I'm hoping to start off the Palm Beach Kennel Club's Sunday matinee with a longshot in the 2nd race. Take a look at #2, Craigie Tralee. This greyhound isn't the fastest. As a matter of fact, Craigie Tralee is the second slowest in the field. But this greyhound has a great post record on the Stat Attack, winning 3 out of 4 starts from the 1/2/3 area. Craigie Tralee also has a break advantage over the #1 runner, and the best acceleration to the turn. I'll need good odds here, though. If this dog doesn't give me near 3-1 or better, then it's not a good play.

Midtrack boxes are always a tough place to win from. But I'm backing #5, Sl Slickster, in the 4th race. This greyhound has the best times on the Stat Attack, and shows a benefit as a midtrack runner when #3 and #4 both go strongly to the rail. Sl Slickster also has a break advantage over the #6 and #7, so this runner should be clear early in the race.

Sunday's 6th race is a very interesting handicap. The two obvious contenders are #8, Razor Sharp, and #1, Wtd Maribel. I'm thinking the crowd will make the #8 dog the favorite. So I'll want the other one! While #8 has the best time averages and a good post record, the #1 box sends about 50% more greyhounds into the winner's circle. And benefits as a rail runner when #2 and #3 go midtrack. Given that plus higher odds on Wtd Maribel, that's my choice in this race. How do you see it?

Today's 10th race is a weird opportunity based on post bias. This is a shorty race, 3/16ths of a mile. On this course, the #1 box rules the roost, sending off a winner over 34% of the time. This is about the strongest bias I've ever seen on the Stat Force sheet! Thus my selection of #1, Delta Down, as my key. The greyhound with the fastest time average is #7. But the #7 box is the worst in the field, winning only 3% of all races! So given dogs of equal talent, the #1 should win about 11 times more often than #7. I like those odds!

I'm looking for a value play in the 12th race today, a grade A event. I'm thinking the crowd is going to like #1 and #2, but I'm going to key #3, Jump Scotch. My greyhound has a break advantage over #1 and #2, and the #3 box has been hot, winning over 16% of starts in grade A. Also, Jump Scotch has a great post record, winning 7 times in 19 starts from the 2/3/4 area. Given that I like this runner and the odds should be higher, that makes Jump Scotch the value play in the 12th.

That's how I'll play them on Sunday's matinee card at the Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida. Premium Members should take a minute to download their free Stat Attack and Stat Force sheets and have a go at handicapping this performance.

Gordon Waite

Palm Beach Greyhound Handicapping Results

Today's 2nd race was a close call. My selection was #2, Craigie Tralee. I mentioned in my blog that I needed 3-1 odds or better on this one, and the crowd gave me 3.5-1, so that was good. My greyhound ran a great race, but ended up just a head short, .02 seconds behind the 6.3-1 winner. The 3-1 crowd favorite finished in 3rd, 3.5 lengths back. Now that was some excitement!

In the 4th today, my key was Sl Slickster. The Slickster finished in 6th, 9.5 lengths back. This runner went off a 4-1 odds and had some trouble on the turn.

Today's 6th race came out just the way I wanted it! The crowd went ahead and made #8 the favorite, and that dog finished in 7th, 18.5 lengths back. My key was #1, Wtd Maribel. My dog went off as the second-favorite at 3-1 odds, and went box to wire for a nice 4-length victory. Wtd Maribel paid $8 for the win, and headed a perfecta worth $44.40, a nice $343 Trifecta, and a whopping $2,093 Superfecta! That's the way we like 'em!

I saw the 10th race as a match between #7 and my #1 dog, Delta Down. Neither was a winner, and the crowd sent both off at 2-1 odds and co-favorites. Delta Down ended up in 5t place, 5 lengths back, after fading a bit in the stretch.

The 12th race was yet another case of my key--and crowd favorite--finishing dead last. This has happened just way too often in the last couple of weeks! Jump Scotch went off at the 2-1 crowd favorite, breaking 6th and going right to the back of the pack. This favorite did eventually finish the race, only 22 lengths behind the leader, and almost 11 lengths behind the 7th-place runner.

So for this afternoon, my bright spot was a nice win by Wtd Maribel, bringing home some excellent payoffs in the Tri and Super pools. See you at the track on Monday!