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March 1990 RG Sample Issue (PDF)

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Tri-State 08/17 Evening
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Derby Lane 08/18 Matinee
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How Much Does This Trifecta Part Wheel Cost?

Trifecta part wheels are a great way to precisely target your wagers for dog racing. The cost of some trifecta part wheels are difficult to compute. Here is a popular $1 trifecta part wheel bet: 12 with 123 with 1234--cost $8. Here are some more good $1 base trifecta bets:

1 with 2345 with 23456--cost $16
12 with 5678 with 5678--cost $24
34 with 12 with 567--cost $12

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Welcome, Greyhound Racing Fans

If you are anything like me, you're starving! For years now, there has been little if anything to read about our favorite sport, greyhound racing. The well-read handicapper had it made in the 70's, 80's and early 90's with a good number of books, magazines and other handicapping materials. But since then, the pickin's have been mighty slim, indeed!

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